Corporate Retreats - Why Host Them?

The Fraser River Lodge

Round meeting tables with black table clothes set up in our log main hall for a corporate event, with white chairs and notepads. The sunlight streaming in from the floor to ceiling windows on the right of the room.

Corporate retreats are not just an “unproductive day away from the office” nor do they need to be 8 hours straight of monotonous corporate information. When planned properly they are a great way to get company members interacting and collaborating, build company morale, brainstorm new ideas and work on teambuilding.

The first step of planning that fun and productive corporate retreat starts with finding a great location to host it! A unique place that combines a functional business space with the option for team building activities and brings your coworkers different views than their typical office windows.

Maybe you’re still asking yourself, “well WHY plan a corporate retreat?”.

The following are three main (and very logical) reasons why your company should be planning a corporate retreat in the near future. 

A corporate meeting space set up with chairs and tables

  1. To teach new information 

A bright, open business space equipped with all the items necessary for sharing info (i.e. projector, mic, tables, chairs) can foster a creative learning space for your team. Use this positive space to connect with your coworkers and brainstorm new ideas or discuss company changes or advancements. Additionally this can be a great opportunity to pass along new corporate information to your team. Regardless, everyone will walk away and back into work the next day being more educated and more prepared to take on the next work-related challenge!

A team coming together with a concise decision
  1. Creative brainstorming / inter collaboration 

Connecting different members of your team that don't necessarily work side by side on a daily basis is a great way to foster collaboration between different individuals and/or departments. This inter collaboration can be beneficial for the companies looking to host brainstorming sessions.

Two men with a sturgeon, a woman throwing an axe, and a seating area with Mt Cheam views
  1. For fun / team building (builds morale)

While creatively brainstorming is its own type of fun, it’s also good to add in a fun physical activity for your team! Whether that be:

  • a new sport like sturgeon fishing
  • a classic such as axe throwing 
  • wellness focused activities such as hikes or yoga

Fun team building activities such as these can greatly increase the morale of your employees, and team members, which in turn boosts the morale for the entire company. It also helps foster connection within the company in an enjoyable manner.

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