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Has fishing been a sport in your family for generations? Passed from your great grandfathers to your parents, who eventually taught you the love for the activity. Do you have memories from a young age of hitting the lakes or rivers with your little fishing rod, learning to cast your line and then reel it in, just hoping to catch the first fish of the day?

Or maybe your family is new to the sport and the passion for angling has started with you, but you want to start sharing the experience with your children. 

Or potentially you yourself, are just starting out on your fishing journey. Taking up a new sport and while you’re at it you want to include your children in the experience to learn together !

Whatever your scenario is, the following are some very useful tips for going out fishing with kids.

1. Go to a smaller lake first instead of going out on a boat

Especially if you know of, or can find a spot that’s known to be very active, that’s an even better place to start out with the kids. A small, well stocked pond is the perfect place for your kids to start learning and practicing their new fishing skills, while also receiving the satisfaction from reeling in a catch !

2. Start kids with live bait instead of lures - it’s more fun! 

The decision to utilize live bait is of course up to you as the parent, and what bait you may even have on hand to start with. The reason for the live bait suggestion is it makes it more interactive and fun for the kids to be using things like worms and crickets. And simply, the more fun the kids have, the more memorable the experience will be for both of you. 

3. Coach as much as possible, but physically help them as little as possible so they learn 

Teaching your kids techniques is of course important. It is beneficial for them to understand the basics of fishing. However, always keep in mind your kids are there to have fun more than anything else. So allowing the kids to have the hands on excitement of reeling in a hooked fish is something that will stay with them much longer, then a specific casting method. 

4. Remember the snacks and drinks / won't be out all day 

We all know kids typically have short attention spans and get hungry fast! And as soon as they're hungry, they tend to get even more antsy and distracted ! So the moral of this tip is pack snacks. Especially easy snacks and drinks you can simply pass out to the kids and they can enjoy. Additionally, you should note the length of your fishing trip and prepare your snacks in relation to that. So simply, if your kids are younger you probably won't be out fishing all day - therefore you can just pack some simple snacks. If your kids are a bit older, you may want to plan to be out for a full day and in that case make sure you pack snacks and a lunch.

For the fishing trips here at the Fraser River Lodge, you can add on BBQ shore lunches to your fishing package so you don’t have to worry about food!

PS. We also pack snacks & drinks ;) 

To inquire or book a spring, summer or fall guided fishing excursion with the Fraser River Lodge, contact us at 604.796.1210 or by email at

We cannot wait to get out on the river with you !

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