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Bride getting ready the morning of her wedding day.

The morning of your special day should be filled with laughter, happiness and excitement!


Have something to wear (ie dressing gown or PJ set) while you get ready! This keeps you comfortable and your wedding dress clean! It can also make for some very cute photos with your bridal crew if you're all matching.

Art and the Aerialist


Hang up your dress(es)! This allows the material to breathe and for you to see which areas need steaming. Your photographer will also appreciate this so they can snap some pictures before you put the dress on.

Art and the Aerialist


Have a designated get ready space where you and your loved ones can spend the morning. Our bridal suite is a great option! A spacious area with natural light, and lots of space to prep your hair and makeup and hang out!

Art and the Aerialist


Have snacks, drinks and water on hand for the whole bridal party. Food always brings people together! It also helps to calm nerves and weddings can be a busy day so you want to start on the right foot with some energy. When booking your wedding with us, you do have the option to pre-order snacks and request drinks day of.


Have all your extras/accessories stored in one place so they're easy to find. This will not only save you any stress of looking for the items as you get ready, but it will also help you feel more organized!

Madison Joy Co


Be present and try to enjoy each special moment on your wedding day!

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