The Bridal Suite

The Fraser River Lodge

bride getting ready in the bridal suite

So you found your dress, your shoes and your makeup and hair artists, now where is all of that going to come together on your big day?! This is an important question to determine the answer to ! 

Some bridal parties will spend their morning getting ready at a family member's house or maybe will rent a large hotel room or AirBnB. Whatever the place is there are a few things you want to make sure that “get - ready” location has. 

Firstly, you want to find a space with LOTS of mirrors and counter space. Not only because your makeup artist and hair stylist are going to be bringing tons of things to prep you, but also for all the random things you will have like jewelry, drinks, snacks, charging cords etc. Having an excess of mirrors is also incredibly helpful, allowing multiple people to get ready at the same time. 

A bride and her mom getting ready for the wedding day

Next up on the list is plugs! You want to make sure there is an adequate amount of plugs near the mirrored spaces, and to be on the safe side it's always a good idea to bring an extra power bar or two. 

Natural lighting in the space is another critical thing to check for. Both your photographer and your makeup artist will thank you.  When deciding on your get-ready space, look for lots of windows that allow in the natural light, as well as mirrors to bounce around the light. 

A bride getting the finishing touches done on her hair

Another thing you want to make sure there is lots of is seating space. Couches, chairs, beds are all places that can be used to relax before the big day kicks off, but also double as photo spots.

The other thing you want to consider when determining where to get ready is the transportation cost financially and time wise for both you and the members of your bridal party. Even just an hour lost transporting everyone to the ceremony can cut into precious photo or reception time.

Ideally, you would find a location or venue that has a dedicated space for both yourself and your full bridal party to prepare the morning of your wedding. That way there is no worrying about transportation on the day of!

Our Bridal Suite is a dedicated space at Fraser River Lodge designed solely for our brides and their parties to have the best start to one of the most special days of their lives. That’s why we have equipped this multi-roomed space with all the necessities we mentioned above!

Curious to see the space in person? Contact our wedding team at and they will be happy to tour you and your partner through the Bridal Suite, as well as the rest of the property.

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