4 Unique Ideas for your Wedding

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Wedding trends and traditions come and go through the years. Some stick longer than others and become long standing traditions like the daughter / father and mother / son dances. Some tend to go out of style like the garter retrieval and toss. What all this changing of trends gives current brides though is several unique ideas to choose from to incorporate into your special day!

This post will solely focus on unique reception ideas for your wedding. There are other areas of course such as decor, bridal or groom crew ideas, unique photo ideas ( you can check our blog post here for that one) or unique elopement ideas.

  1. Play the “Shoe Game” or other games 

The list of games you can play, from physical games like cornhole or beer pong to word games like “Guess Who” featuring only the bride and groom, is a pretty long list! Afterall most games can be adapted to a wedding environment. Generally the best time to have games is in between the ceremony and reception (sometimes termed “cocktail hour”) or during the reception. One game we want to highlight specifically is the Shoe Game as it’s always a fun reception game, and everyone gets to learn a little more about their favorite happy couple!

A bride and groom playing the shoe game
  1. Have fun with the cake 

No longer are the simplistic white wedding cakes topped with plastic bride and groom figurines ! Wedding cakes have gone to a whole new level now, not only speaking in cake layers, but also in the intricate or unique decor they can feature. Brides and grooms can also bring in aspects that are specific to them; maybe their favorite cake flavor or color, maybe it’s a key memory or maybe the cake is inspired by their heritage, or some couples go so far as to make their own cake!

  1. Have fun with the midnight snacks 

Whoever said snacks had to be boring (and please note we’re not knocking the original sandwich)! However, who doesn't love a build it yourself style snack bar! Gives guests something fun to do and the energy to continue celebrating all night long! Our favorite snack bar ideas are poutine or smores, because you really cannot go wrong with either.

  1. Get creative with your guest book

If you’ve already started to do some research for your wedding then we’re sure you’ve seen several different “guest book” ideas from guests signing a globe, map, decorative sign or photo of the newly married couple! Another fan favorite of course includes guests taking polaroids and leaving a little note that way. Whatever you do we recommend it be something personal to you as a couple AND something you will look forward to displaying in the future.

PS, a little tip is to get your DJ or MC to remind guests to sign the guest book a few times throughout the evening so no one misses it!

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