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A group of men holding a fish
A group of men holding two white sturgeons in the Fraser river
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What we Offer

Guided Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River in British Columbia, provides the big game fishing enthusiast with phenomenal battles of man vs fish. We pride ourselves on having landed many world record Sturgeon in the past. White Sturgeon fishing charters mean excitement and "wrestling" with prehistoric giants. Challenge the "Great White Sturgeon"… the largest freshwater fish in the world!


Fishing on the Canyon

The Fraser Canyon is home to the biggest river monsters, known as the Fraser River Sturgeon.

The Fraser Canyon is a land form of the Fraser River, where it descends rapidly through narrow rock gorges in the Coast Mountains. At the mouth of the canyon, an archaeological site documents the presence of the Sto-Lo people from the early Holocene area 8,000 - 10,000 years ago after the retreat of the Fraser Glacier.
"Rapids, huge sturgeon and breathtaking scenery is what the canyon is all about".

Fishing on the Fraser River
Orange helicopter in the Fraser Valley
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Helicopter Fishing

Combine your Canyon fishing day with a heli pick up at the lodge, followed by a scenic fly-over of the Fraser Canyon. See glaciers, waterfalls and stunning landscapes prior to landing on an island in the river to meet your Guide. A must add to your bucket list.


Sturgeon Conservation

Keeping a Legend Alive; Fraser River White Sturgeon

We are proud and active members in Sturgeon Conservation. Our Sturgeon are carefully scanned, measured, tagged and released.

A survivor from the age of the dinosaurs and a relative to the Sharks, the White Sturgeon can attain lengths in excess of 14 feet and weights of over 1200 pounds. Sturgeon can live for over 200 years and are true survivors.

Catching White Sturgeon on the Fraser river for conservation
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