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The best sturgeon fishing experience in the Fraser Valley! 

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Sturgeon fishing excursions

Sturgeon Fishing with the
Fraser River Lodge

The Fraser River Lodge offers guided sturgeon fishing tours for thrill and adventure seekers! While these trips are packed with adrenaline-filled fun, our guests are able to sit back and relax, while their guide takes care of every detail. Enjoy the scenic Fraser River and have a chance to see the Valley's wildlife in their natural habitat.

You have the choice between fishing locally on the Fraser River or driving up to Hope with our guides to fish the Fraser Canyon! 

sturgeon fishing Excursion

A Day on the Fraser River

You may be wondering what a day out on the river with the Fraser River Lodge might look like! 

The day begins early in the morning and you'll meet your fishing guide at the Fraser River Lodge. From there, you and your guide head out to the boat launch and the 8-hour fishing adventure starts! Upgrade your package with a BBQ shore lunch and your guide will cook your lunch right on the boat in front of you! You'll also be given a boat drink list, all of the drinks you choose will be waiting on your boat for you.

Of course, we can customize all of these details to what works best for you! 

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Helicopter Fishing

Skip the drive and combine your Canyon fishing trip with a helicopter pick up at the Fraser River Lodge, followed by a scenic fly-over of the Fraser Canyon. See glaciers, waterfalls and stunning landscapes prior to landing on an island in the river to meet your fishing guide. Make this fishing trip an unforgettable one, and cross the helicopter flight off your bucket list at the same time.

monitoring and assesment

Sturgeon Conservation

Keeping a Legend Alive; Fraser River White Sturgeon

We are proud and active members in Sturgeon Conservation. Our Sturgeon are carefully scanned, measured, tagged and released.

A survivor from the age of the dinosaurs and a relative to the Sharks, the White Sturgeon can attain lengths in excess of 14 feet and weights of over 1200 pounds. Sturgeon can live for over 200 years and are true survivors.

A sturgeon jumping out of the water in front of a fisherman
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