Unplug and Reconnect

The Fraser River Lodge

The Edmonton Oilers enjoying a corporate retreat at the Fraser River Lodge

In today's fast-paced work environment, finding time to unplug and reconnect with your team outside the office is essential for fostering a strong, cohesive unit. Fraser River Lodge offers the perfect backdrop for such an endeavor, providing a unique blend of natural beauty, exhilarating activities, and tranquil spaces ideal for both relaxation and productive meetings.


Situated amidst the breathtaking scenery along the Fraser River, the Lodge is more than just a venue; it's an experience that invites teams to step away from the daily grind and immerse themselves in nature and bonding activities. With a capacity to accommodate up to 37 guests based on double occupancy, each room offers the flexibility of single bed configurations, ensuring comfort for all team members.

Team Building Activities

The array of 12+ activities available at Fraser River Lodge is designed to cater to a wide range of interests and team building objectives. Whether your team thrives on the thrill of sturgeon fishing and jet boat rides, the focus required for axe throwing and trap shooting, or the calm and concentration fostered by yoga and yard games, there's something for everyone. These shared experiences not only break down barriers and encourage teamwork but also create lasting memories that translate into a more connected workplace.


Besides activities, he Lodge is equipped with multiple breakout areas, making it the ideal setting for meetings and conferences. The serene environment encourages open communication and creative thinking, away from the distractions of the office. The option to add on meals and coffee breaks, prepared by an in-house chef, ensures that your team is well-fed, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Hear It From Our Guests

Don't just take our word for it; our guests' experiences at Fraser River Lodge speak louder than any description we could offer.

Master Care Janitorial: Amazing location, food, customer service, accommodation, activities, bartenders etc. They thought of everything to keep you happy, bottled water by the axe throwing, mosquito repellent, s’mores, propane fire pit when fire ban could not allow a bonfire, adjusting menus items to accommodate dietary restrictions. I highly recommend! And a serious shot out to the chef!! Wow! His food was definitely 5 star! Thank you for a very memorable corporate retreat.
Thank you so much for yesterday. The group had the time of their lives (ours especially!). You were so organized and detailed, and I appreciate those qualities so much. I never usually get to fully enjoy those days because im running around, but I truly got the full experience thanks to you. They are so lucky to have you represent the Lodge and the area. The guides were fantastic and knowledgeable. The catering was AMAZING. Every staff member was so personable and hard working. Our experience was 10/10, and I will spread the word to any team looking to team build.

These reflections from past clients underscore the Lodge's commitment to creating an environment that not only fosters strong team bonds but also leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. We strive ourselves on offering an unparalleled opportunity to strengthen team bonds, inspire innovation, and recharge in a majestic setting. By choosing our venue for your next corporate retreat, you're not just planning an event; you're investing in the future of your team and your organization.

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