4 Photo Locations for Your Big Day

The Fraser River Lodge

A bride and groom standing, holding each other as they look out to the large mountain behind. In the distance, to the right is a wild bison roaming the field.

Your wedding photos are not just quick snapshots taken on your wedding day (although we love to see the use of polaroids), they are more than that; they are special moments captured and forever cherished. Especially the photos taken with you and your new spouse. So you want to make sure you’ve put a little planning into the style and possible location for those special photos. 

Being on an 18-acre property with mountains, fields, the main lodge, and our brand new Bison Luxury Suites; there are several unique photo locations right here that you won't find anywhere else.

Depending on the photo style you’re leaning towards you may choose to visit several locations or just your few favourites. Today, we are going to highlight our top photo locations around the property.

A bride and groom posing in front of a snow capped mountain
  1. On the dyke with river and mount cheam views 

This is one of our FAVOURITE photo locations to see newly married couples with their photographer! The dyke is a large raised field located just between the Lodge and the Fraser River. Beyond the Fraser River is the impressive Mount Cheam. So this location is perfect to capture both those incredible natural sights in the background of your wedding shots. 

A bride and groom posing in a wooden log resort
  1. Log main entrance / stairway / against logs/ On the deck

Many couples see our Lodge as the location they spend their whole wedding day at. From getting ready in the morning, to the ceremony, reception and even their accommodation for the night. However, the log building itself also offers so many different photo locations, from against the logs, on the different deck locations or up the grand entrance stairway. 

A bride and groom popping champagne on top of a snowy mountain
  1. Mountain Top

This is a totally exclusive experience you can add to your wedding. Can you imagine, after your ceremony, taking a helicopter ride to the top of Mount Cheam and having an additional mountain top session with your photographer? We're just going to come right out and say it - photos like this are unmatched!

A bride and groom looking at wild bison as they graze
  1. With the wildlife 

For a different twist on some of your wedding photos, add in our bison! On the property, we have a herd of between 5-10 bison at one time. So once, you have gotten all your mountain photos, add in a different type of nature with some majestic wild beasts. 

As an additional tip, we recommend touring your wedding location at least once and making note of any key areas that may have caught your eye so you can revisit them with your photographer on your big day.

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