3 Reasons to Stay at the Lodge

The Fraser River Lodge

The Fraser River Lodge

When booking a vacation (or even a staycation) typically one's first instinct is to search for a hotel in the area.  While this is a good practice because it’s important to have a place to sleep at night during your trip - doing a quick google search will often leave you looking at generic hotels that cannot always offer all the benefits you may be searching for.

Let us tell you a little bit of what sets our lodge apart from a hotel.

Peace & Quiet: A True Escape

Located about an hour and a half from Vancouver, we are removed from the hustle, bustle and noise of a loud city. But don't worry, you’re still able to be connected via our WiFi and the nearest town is only 10 minutes away. 

Most people would agree that escaping to nature offers a different form of relaxation and we believe here is a perfect blend of luxury and nature.

Location, Location, Location!

Our Lodge has absolutely beautiful surroundings, don't believe us - come see for yourself! Disagree with us - well that’s never happened before ….

The Fraser Valley Lodge is located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, on the banks of the Fraser River. Being in the valley provides 360° mountain views, of which the most majestic is Mount Cheam, very conveniently located right across the river from the lodge, allowing you incredible, serene views the minute you look outside your room. 

Meals are a Memory!

FOOD is a big player in many people's vacations and often is an important part of experiencing a place (whether the place is new to you or you're just exploring more of your own backyard). 

Did you know all of our food is sourced as locally as possible? Local farmers, local businesses and even our own gardens and greenhouse!⁠ Sourcing food locally and ethically is important to us, not just to provide the best quality meals to our guests, but also to support our local businesses and economy. Our life-long inhouse Chef Pakkunainen carefully curated all of our high quality meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Now what’s going to be your reason to come and experience The Lodge?

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