3 ESSENTIALS for Fishing

The Fraser River Lodge

Now normally, a fishing blog would tell you to pack the top three fishing essentials which are usually: rod, reel and bait because those really are key equipment to be able to catch some fish!

However, today we’re going to list three other essential items. That is not to disregard the main three, after all they are still needed! You just are not required to bring them with you to the Lodge, when going on a guided fishing trip (unless you really have a favorite or lucky fishing rod - then of course bring that out). Our Lodge provides all the main fishing gear that could be needed, meaning you don't have to worry about packing them before your fishing trip! Also, once you’re here the gear is organized, prepped and packed for your party, which makes sure you arrive out to the river with everything you’ll need!

The gear provided is as follows:

  • fly fishing rods
  • reels
  • bait
  • flies
  • SIMMS waders, jackets & boots.
  • BBQ lunch  (this is an added extra to fishing trips)

Now that you know what essential fishing gear is provided you’re probably wondering what these other three items we recommend to bring are! They are extra clothing, camera and sunglasses (or hat).


When going out fishing, wearing layers is always a great idea ! This way, regardless of the weather you’ll be warm, or on the other end, you’ll be able to remove layers if the weather is too warm! Layers are also helpful if certain clothes get wet, they can be swapped for dry ones. This is especially key for socks!


This piece of equipment is essential to recording all those memorable moments during your fishing trip. It’s also key for capturing photo evidence of your fresh catch! Who says you need to stop and just take photos of the fish though! Being in the heart of the Fraser Valley also provides gorgeous landscape views, and if you’re lucky, wildlife spotting!


Sunglasses or a good hat are going to help, not only protect your eyes from the bright sun but also help with visibility. Sunglasses help block or reduce glare, allowing you to property see your fly, see fish and any other underwater structure. To be extra prepared, pack both!

Do you have any other items that should be on our fishing essentials list!?

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