An Evolution

The Fraser River Lodge

Breathtaking mountain view from inside the room of our Bison Hot Tub suites. Just beyond the king bed, the personal balcony and private hot tub can be seen as well.

Have you ever had to keep a secret too good you were dying to share it?! That's exactly how we felt during the planning and initial construction of our newest luxury wilderness accommodation!

We are so unbelievably proud of the finished suites and are thrilled our guests get to experience this new wilderness oasis; from the upclose bison views, to the king sized bed, to the private hot tubs!

Today we want to share the behind the scenes of the building process, from the ground up!

A house building in progress

Early Fall 2021

The Lodge broke ground on a brand new accommodation, a luxurious fourplex to be completed in the new year.

The foundation was laid for the amazing building that was to come.

A house building in progress

November 2021

The fourplex really started to take shape here as the building frame was installed.

Now the layout of the individual suites could be seen.

And can we just talk about these incredible views we knew our future guests would be experiencing!

A man on top of a building

December 2021

Framing of the new building was completed. Additionally the frames for the private balcony spaces and the roof were installed. The suites continued to take shape!

A in progress build covered in snow

January 2022

The roof was completed and the insulation and drywalling were finished. This was followed by plumbing and windows. The private balconies also saw progress as the floor cover was added.

New flooring and new build photo

February 2022

Flooring had gone in and the first coats of paint were applied. The rooms were starting to look more like suites! As well, electrical work was underway. Places for the gas fireplaces were cut out and the fireplaces installed.

The biggest exterior change this month was the siding application.

A fireplace, shower, outside of building and hot tub install

Beginning of March 2022

The suites were set to open the following month and so March was go time!

For the interior, the walls had been painted, floor to ceiling rock for the fireplace installed, stone and tiled showers completed and fixtures installed into the bathrooms.

Additionally, furniture and decor shopping was happening with lots of items on the way!

For the exterior, all glass doors have been installed, siding and trim was up and staining of the wood columns was underway.

As well as the most exciting part - the private hot tubs have been delivered and installed on the individual balconies!

A bedroom, bathroom and fireplace

End of March - Beginning of April 2022

This timespan was a blur as the Lodge crew worked hard to put the finishing touches everywhere. This included the furniture, linens and decorations for each individual suite, the grand wooden staircases both outside and inside and completion of the universal guest kitchen.

The last (but not least) piece of this incredible new accommodation is the Bison Exhibit, located in the building entrance. The exhibit features a photography collection of our bison herd over the years, interesting facts about this unique species, as well as conservation information.⁠

A entry way with walls of photos

What started as an idea, became a vision and is now a reality for our guests to experience !

For video tours of our suites check out our social media channels (specifically Instagram and TikTok) and stay tuned to our YouTube for in depth tours coming soon.

We cannot wait to host you!

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