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5 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress on Your Big Day.

Your big day should be as stress-LESS as humanly possible. This obviously is easier said than done in most cases as your wedding day is - let's face it - a pretty big day! The following are a few tips you can implement to reduce that wedding day stress and let your focus be on enjoying yourself and making memories.


Select a venue that is all - inclusive! Consider somewhere you can stay the night before, get ready for the ceremony and reception and stay again the night of. This all eliminates extra travel time and the stress of travelling between venues on your big day.

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Make sure you get to sleep early the night before! It can be difficult to calm down and relax the night before but going to bed early will pay off the next day when you need all the energy!


Eat a good healthy breakfast that morning! This breakfast will give you energy all day (which you'll need if you don't remember to eat during the day). If not a breakfast then we recommend to have snacks available while getting ready.


Schedule contingency time! Build contingency time into your schedule so you're not rushed going from one thing to the next! And if something goes a little sideways you have time to sort it out! This is one reason its important to have a plan (even if it a loose one) in place for your big day.

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Consider doing a first look! This can help calm any nerves before the ceremony and give you two a private moment alone before the real hustle and bustle of the day begins. It also affords you the opportunity to take the majority of your photos earlier on in the day, freeing up more time in the second half of the day to enjoy with loved ones.

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