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The Fraser River Lodge

A herd of bison roaming the Fraser River Lodge's property

Nestled in the serene landscapes of British Columbia, the Fraser River Lodge offers a quiet escape for those in search of tranquility, adventure, and a hint of luxury. Surrounded by majestic mountains and the gentle flow of the Fraser River, this hidden gem stands out as an ideal destination for nature lovers and those looking to unwind. Throughout this guide, we'll explore different routes and transportation options to help you reach the Fraser River Lodge with ease.

Getting There by Air:

For those traveling from afar, flying is often the quickest and most convenient option. The closest major airport to the Fraser River Lodge is Abbotsford International Airport (YXX). From the airport, you can rent a car or arrange for a shuttle service to take you directly to the lodge. The drive from Abbotsford to the Fraser River Lodge is approximately 90 minutes, offering a scenic journey through British Columbia's breathtaking landscapes. Check out our Getting to the Lodge webpage for more information on nearby airports.

If you prefer a more adventurous arrival, chartering a helicopter is also an option. Landing on the Lodge's field provides a thrilling and direct entrance to your wilderness retreat. Feel free to contact us directly if this option interests you, and we'll gladly assist you with the planning process.

Driving Directions:

If you're arriving by car, the Fraser River Lodge is easily accessible by road and offers a scenic drive from various points in British Columbia. Here are driving directions from some key locations:

From Vancouver

  1. Take Highway 1 East.
  2. Merge onto Highway 7 East (Lougheed Highway) towards Mission.
  3. Continue on Highway 7, passing through Mission and following signs for Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs.
  4. From Agassiz, follow Highway 9 North towards Fraser River Lodge.

From Kamloops

  1. Take Highway 1 West.
  2. Exit onto Highway 12 South towards Lytton.
  3. Continue on Highway 12 South and follow signs for Highway 7 West towards Harrison Hot Springs.
  4. In Harrison Hot Springs, take Highway 9 North towards Fraser River Lodge.

Accommodations and Amenities:

Upon reaching the Fraser River Lodge, you'll be greeted by warm hospitality and the opportunity to unwind in luxurious accommodations. The Lodge offers a range of rooms, each designed to provide comfort and stunning views of the surrounding wilderness. Be sure to explore our activities page prior to your arrival to upgrade your stay or our explore page to keep yourself entertained for the duration of your trip! 

We look forward to welcoming you! 

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