To Look or Not to Look?

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A bride and groom doing a first look on their wedding day.

To look or not to look?! That is the debate when thinking about how you want the plan for your special day to go. First looks have been a decision that couples make (or don't make) for a little while now. That somehow doesn't seem to make it easier to decide!

So we have helped take out the guess work by providing you some pros and cons to holding a "first look" with your partner on your wedding day.

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A first look allows you and your partner an intimate moment together before the ceremony that you can truly just be in each other company. Allowing you time to laugh, cry and just touch base. Sharing this genuinely emotional and special moment together is something you'll always remember. PS if you have your photographer snapping away to capture it all, you get to treasure those photo moments too.


As you are now holding your first look and photos before the ceremony, this time needs to be accounted for in your plan for the day, meaning you may have to get up a bit earlier than you planned. So if you're not much of a morning person, leave that time to relax and get ready, skip the first look and leave your photos till after the ceremony.


Once you and your partner have done your first look, this opens up a huge opportunity to get your bridal parties together and have your photo session. Planning to have your photo session earlier in the day before the ceremony has so many benefits. One, everyone will have just gotten ready so all make up hair clothes are fresh. two, You can really hope on that initial excitement of the day. Three, it allows you and your party to enjoy the time after your ceremony with your guests and loved ones instead of rushing off to take photos.

A couple playing with their children on their wedding day
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You don't get the dramatic effect when walking down the aisle and your partner get to see you for the first time. Many couples look forward to the music starting, all your guests watching, and as you take that first step down the aisle, see that look on your partners face as they see you for the first time. if that moment has always been a dream for you, save the first look for the ceremony for sure!


The last benefit we have to share of doing a first look is that it can help ease the pre-ceremony nerves. It's a big day, there can be lots of nerves. Spending some time one on one with your partner before the ceremony can help relieve some of those jitters and help you move through the day calmer.

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