4 Benefits of Fishing with a Guide

The Fraser River Lodge

1. They Help you Find the Fish!

Starting off with the most important benefit of having a knowledgeable guide take you out onto the river - they are there to assist you in finding the sturgeon!

Nothing more frustrating then getting all geared up for fishing, spending 8hrs in the boat and not getting a single bite. Our guides have the experience and river knowledge to guide you to the ideal locations on the river, meaning you can focus on fishing for these prehistoric beasts.

A fishing guide holding a sturgeon in the river

2. Assistance with Your Fishing Gear

Often fishing tours will provide you with the majority of your gear and when booking through our lodge, we happily organize all the gear you will need! Which is a huge bonus as it will save you time and space when packing and travelling. and a little more peace of mind that you don't have to

If this is your first time out sturgeon fishing it's hugely beneficial to have someone to show you the ropes - or line and bait! The guides will teach you how to properly use the equipment to maximize your time out on the river! If you're an experienced angler then you can pick our guides brains for new techniques or benefit from their support as you reel in your catch.

Fishing guides holding fish

3. Fishing Guideline and Regulation Knowledge

Most sturgeon anglers are probably aware, however if you did not know, sturgeon fish have actually been around since the time of the dinosaurs. They are truly prehistoric river monsters. Over the last century, unfortunately their population has decreased significantly to where these fish are now a protected species. Now there are several conservation efforts put in place to protect and conserve sturgeon fish. This is where your guides really come in! they have all the knowledge about, not only this unique breed, but the best practices for catching, handling and finally releasing them back into the wild.

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