Sturgeon Fishing

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A guide holding a sturgeon in the fraser river

Sturgeon Fishing

Guided Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River in British Columbia, provides the big game fishing enthusiast with phenomenal battles of man vs fish. We pride ourselves on having landed many world record Sturgeon in the past. White Sturgeon fishing charters mean excitement and "wrestling" with prehistoric giants. Challenge the "Great White Sturgeon"… the largest freshwater fish in the world!

What to expect: Our Licenced guides will shuttle you in their jet boats in search of the targeted fish. Once the anchor is down, they will assist with baiting, and setting up the rods for action. Trips range from 4-10 hours. (Ask about our Packed Lunch!) 

What to wear: Depending on the season, you may want to layer accordingly. The lodge will provide you with all waterproof waders, jackets and boots. 

Sunscreen is always a good idea when on the water!