Local Sturgeon Fishing

The Fraser River Lodge

Special Details

Applicable Dates : 
February - March
Pricing : 
$1,099 / 4 people and 1 private guide boat.

Join us for a day of fishing, and fighting the monster sturgeon that live in the Fraser River! 

We provide the guide, the boat, rods, reels, boots, waders, jackets, and water bottles. You should bring comfortable leisure wear (shorts, joggers, leggings, t-shirt, tank top), a swimsuit if you’d like as you may be in the water for photos with your catch or to cool down if it's a hot day, a sweater, hat, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes (runners, flip flops, or sandals that can get wet). You will have to purchase a 1-day Basic Angling License and a 1-day Conservation Species License for each person that will be fishing.

You can purchase your licenses at:  https://j100.gov.bc.ca/pub/ras/signin.aspx