British Columbia stands for outstanding hunting opportunities. We offer you a hunt of a lifetime for bear, goat and deer which can be combined with our fishing packages.

Spring Black Bear Hunting

A great hunt for those looking for something different. Our coastal mountain black bears take on a different shape than their northern counterparts. With broader front quarters, our bears tend to have more bulk. Explore glacier fed valleys and rugged side hills while on the hunt for your animal. A great chance at a great animal.

This area has an abundance of trophy sized black bear with about fifty percent colour phases from chocolate, cinnamon to blonde. In Spring we hunt valley bottoms where the bears can be found grazing on the fresh shoots of growth. We hunt black bears with river boat for earlier hunts and move to ATV's and trucks for the later hunts. This hunt is mainly spot and stalk. The hunts start in the last week of April to June 15. Please contact Jamie at High Caliber Outfitters for details.


Mountain Goat

Come and enjoy the breath taking scenery of the Coast Mountains. With an abundance of mountain goats in this area there are good numbers of mature billy goats. This country is not for the faint of heart ... it will challenge the best of hunters. For many, this is a hunt of a lifetime. There are few hunters lucky enough to take one of these amazing animals. The kill of a mountain goat is most rewarding. We have a very good success rate amongst our hunters. Goat hunts begin September 1 to October 31.

The earlier hunts are offered as back country horse back combo hunts with the ability to harvest  a high county Mule deer or Black Tail deer as well as Black Bear. These hunts will typically need to be booked as 10 day hunts. We strongly encourage our guests to purchase a Deer tag and Black bear tag from the government while in pursuit of Mountain Goat. This gives the hunter the opportunity to harvest a Deer or Bear if he or she so chooses with a trophy fee.

Please contact Jamie at High Caliber Outfitters for details.


Mule Deer & Black Tail Deer

These mountains hold many hidden basins where early season deer can be found. We have both Mule Deer and Black Tail Deer in the area as well as Hybrids. Hybrids can be a tremendous species as they will hold traits of both Mule Deer and Black Tail Deer. You will find heavy dark horns and facial features of Black Tail while having deep long tines and body size of a Mule Deer. Although not classifies as a Black Tail in Boone and crockette, one can still hang a 130-150 on their wall and call it a Black Tail.

With this hunt mainly being a spot and stalk, the guide will determine weather it is a mule deer or Black Tail or Hybrid which will give the hunter the opportunity to decide it they would like to harvest that type of animal. This hunt is best throughout November as the rut is on and they are in the lower regions of the mountains.

Please contact Jamie at High Caliber Outfitters for details.

Contact your hunting guide directly at and talk to Jamie, the owner of High Caliber Outfitter.