The Fraser River Lodge display of art work, craftsmanship and design.

"It is my hope that my sculpture will arouse in you an awareness of the beauty of our Heritage and why we must preserve it for the future generations. Our Creator bestowed upon every one of us the custodianship of this wondrous Planet and all its creatures."
The remarkable stone statues displayed in the Fraser River Lodge are hand carved and sold by local Chilliwack artist Gerald Sandau.

Specializing in still-life North American animals and First Nation inspired one of a kind statues. Gerald's creations are internationally desired for their beauty, quality craftsmanship, and the story behind each piece. Using the finest materials of chlorite, soapstone, alabaster, wonderstone or jade to masterfully carve stunning piece of art.

These art works are each appraised and priced for their artistic and stone value. Displayed art works are available to purchase.

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