The Ultimate Sturgeon Experience...

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE where we fish a 150 km stretch on the Fraser River.

In our hunt for trophy sturgeon we start with fishing the lower part of Fraser River, passing through the mid section and going all the way up into the famous Fraser River Canyon.

We are targeting trophy Sturgeon with boats equipped with the latest fishing tackle and pro guides...

Excited guests with a trophy 9 footer moments before the careful release of this river dinosaur.

Catching fish from 25 lbs up to 1,000 lbs

The sturgeon fishing we practice is purely Catch & Release.

Our Fraser River sturgeon fishery is truly one of a kind. The only place on the planet with a high success rate and a chance of catching fish from 25 lbs up to 1,000 lbs...

When we catch fish bigger than 5 ft we head to a safe area on shore to land them and get some nice pictures in the shallow water before releasing them back into the wild.

A world record landed while we were filming with National Geographic.

Heavy lines, rods and reels

Is it crucial to use gear that matches the size and power of these fish. Inadequate, underpowered drag systems will with no doubt lead to losing the potential catch of a life-time. Proper heavy lines, rods & reels are a must. We use Penn International, Shimano and Daiwa along with adequate rods, hooks and 150-250 lbs. test line.


Pick up directly at the Lodge

We fish the last river section up-river from the Lodge in the mighty Fraser Canyon. Right after breakfast the guests will be picked up by helicopter directly at the Lodge, and we will fly out into the canyon where your guide will be waiting for you in his jet boat.

Before your fishing day starts, the pilot will follow the Fraser River all the way up through the Fraser Canyon with some amazing scenery that is worth a few good shots. Fishing & scenery in this area is very different from the lower part of the Fraser River.

Landing trophy sturgeon

Landing a trophy sturgeon is a challenge. It requires professional guiding, tough fishing gear and good portion of luck, when you hook into a fish, you never know if there is 50 or 500 lbs in the other end of the line, you must be prepared for anything! When a large sturgeon decides to go for a run, it can take over 200 meters of line in no time. It's crucial to lift anchor, get the engine started and to follow the sturgeon. If the fish hits the hard current it often takes you several kilometres down river before being able to land it.


Selection of great pictures from our trips

Below is a small selection of great pictures from some of our "Ultimate Sturgeon" trips, where we successfully landed some big sturgeon.  Enjoy the action and if you wanna try to catch some of these magnificent fighters, contact us for our next planned Ultimate Sturgeon experience... if you have a bucket list ... ADD THIS to it.


This world record sturgeon kiss goes to England - all while filming with National Geographic.


The "ULTIMATE  STURGEON EXPERIENCE" comes in a 3 day package and takes place between Sundays and Fridays. Additional days possible based on availability.

3 day fishing package includes the following:

  • Up to 10 hours of Guided fishing per day
  • All Tackle and Bait
  • Simms Waders & Rain Jacket
  • Hoodie, T-shirt & Cap with FRL logo
  • DVD with Pictures from the trip
  • Helicopter pick up at the lodge, flight through the Fraser Canyon to Hells Gate. Meet your guide
  • 4 overnights in deluxe room at the Fraser River Lodge with river & mountain views
  • Full Lodge Breakfast
  • Packed & BBQ Lunches on the river
  • 3 Course Gourmet Dinner at the Lodge
During the 3 days of fishing we will concentrate on a 150 km stretch of river. Starting in the lower Fraser River going up through the mid section of the lower Fraser and into the magnificent Fraser Canyon up to Hells Gate.

1 person - $7,445.00 CAD + tax per person - based on single occupancy
2 people - $4,045.00 CAD + tax per person - based on double occupancy
3 people - $2,995.00 CAD + tax per person - based on triple occupancy (1 room)
3 people - $3,195.00 CAD + tax per person - based on double & single occupancy (2 rooms)
4 people - $2,570.00 CAD + tax per person - based on double occupancy

Taxes & Gratuities are not included.

The "Ultimate Sturgeon Experience" package is available from March 15 to the November 15
For more info please contact us via email or phone 604-796-1210

The white sturgeon (acipenser transmontanus) is the largest freshwater fish in North America and they and can live to be over 100 years old. Typically, they reach six feet long around 25 years of age. The white sturgeon is known to reach a maximum size of 816 kg (1,799 lb) and 6.1 m (20 ft). We believe some of these giants are still swimming around in our river system. Every year huge sturgeon are hooked and fought for many hours without ever seeing the fish or able to bring it to the surface. This is the fish we all dream (or fear) of hooking into next...