Sturgeon Fishing in British Columbia

Guided Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada, provides the big game fishing enthusiast with phenomenal battles of men versus fish. We pride ourselves on having landed many world record sturgeon since 1996.

Just perfect...

White Sturgeon fishing in British Columbia means excitement and "wrestling" with prehistoric giants. Nothing could be more exciting than challenging the "Great White Sturgeon"… the largest freshwater fish in the world! We carefully release each sturgeon after taking a picture.


With a season that runs year round, these prehistoric looking fish can reach weights of up to 1,800 lbs.

We offer the best selection of sturgeon fishing packages anywhere; from basic to mid price range or 5-star package - you have the guarantee to fish with one of our professional sturgeon guides. Please inquire for your personal sturgeon adventure package.

The Sturgeon has been protected in our rivers and as a result they are plentiful. While the average catch is 50-200 lb, we have landed some very big ones over 1,000lbs. The largest ones we fought were well over 1,000 lbs. in weight and up to 14 ft. in size. To our knowledge there is no guiding company or outfitter who fought more sturgeon in numbers or larger sturgeon anywhere in North America, than our team of sturgeon experts. Come visit and experience it yourself...

When hooked, these fish have the pulling force of a submarine and often launch themselves out of the water like missiles. A fishing experience you will never forget!

Monster Sturgeon

Fraser Canyon Wilderness Fishing For Sturgeon

Fishing the Fraser Canyon offers you insight into some of the most spectacular areas of British Columbia. Our boats take off directly at the shore of our lodge as the Fraser Canyon is located a beautiful boat ride upstream. Our sturgeon wilderness trips into this incredible landscape take your breath away. This is not a sightseeing or sturgeon fishing day, rather a combination of both. The Fraser River gets squeezed into 1/10 of its average width and you can imagine the flow speed of the water.


You look up into the sky and all you see are walls of rock - mountains and canyon walls reaching straight up into the air and it seems the sky is squeezed out at the top of the canyon. We offer these trips from March to November. Book at least 1 day during your stay at the lodge. Please inquire for rates for this unique adventure.

I was able to catch 47 Sturgeon on my 5 day trip. The third day I caught 17!  You are a great man and the best guide I've ever had the pleasure of fishing with.
Jim Rogers , Ponca City, Oklahoma

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