Lillooet River Fishing

Fishing the Lillooet River in British Columbia is any anglers dream. This is one of the rivers that resemble the wild and untamed British Columbia.

Salmon are running during late September-October (C&R). Trout and char from late March to May and late August to October. We invite you to join us into this magnificent wilderness area.

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The best fishing takes place once the run off has completed the annual work or melting down the snow on the many tributaries and valleys that feeds this river system. The area effected by the run off is larger than 500,000 acres. This happens during the months of June to mid/late August. 
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The area was known in the last Century during the Caribou Gold Rush as a pathway for the Thousands of unfortunate gold miners and the few fortunate ones. There is an old and dangerous logging road winding it`s way along that river valley for the few brave who dare to access that area by 4x4 on a journey that takes all day and perhaps longer to get back – if at all.

Bring your partner. Being a nature lover is enough to get your heart beat up a few notches during this incredible journey. Don`t forget your sun protection as well as your camera, because these are memories that last a lifetime.

If you can`t handle waves, opt for another adventure!

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