Rivers & Lakes

The Fraser Valley offers some spectacular rivers and lakes with year round fishing possibilities. We offer a variety of five different Salmon rivers as well as several lakes and wilderness rivers/streams. We have access to good and calm fishing waters year round.

The FRASER RIVER is the most productive salmon river in the world and our main river. It stretches for almost 900 miles from the interior into the pacific ocean. The waterways of this mighty river are changing all the time due to high water, heavy current and movement of sand and gravel. Huge whirlpools with diameters of up to 70 yards show us the untamed power of this magnificent river. I remember one guest who was just astonished and looked at me with big open eyes, as it was his first time seeing the Fraser River.

Wilderness Rivers

Photo by Jason Noftle

We highly recommend experiencing the breathtaking scenery of some of our wilderness rivers, such as Lillooet River and Pitt River. We take you into National Geographic Country with the opportunity to take some incredible pictures, combined fantastic fly and spin fishing and pure nature. This is what British Columbia is all about. Please enquire for your personal wilderness adventure.

The HARRISON RIVER is famous for it's bright green colours. It is the highest salmon producing tributary of the Fraser River and gives you a chance of catching all 5 species of salmon, steelhead and trout. This river is also a fly fisherman's paradise.

The CHILLIWACK / VEDDER RIVER is famous for it's abundance of salmon and steelhead. 28 miles of access gives us plenty opportunities to fish almost year round. One of the largest hatcheries in British Columbia secures the possibility of catching many fish.

The CHEHALIS RIVER produces salmon and steelhead. Rugged terrain offers limited access for fisherman.

The SKAGIT RIVER is a fly-only river and reminds the delightful fly fisherman of the movie "a river runs through it". A river every fly fisherman should see and fish, because these are the waters where memorable fishing stories in fascinating nature are written.

Can you imagine, that we have 195 LAKES here in our valley? Some of them are on such high elevations that they are only accessible by helicopter. The size of our lakes range from 5 up to 55,000 acres (yes the number is right). You can see snow-capped mountains, rugged terrain, waterfalls and spectacular wildlife. In late fall you might see hundreds of bald eagles feeding on salmon or sitting in the trees. And the best of all - these lakes produce a lot of fish.