July 2016 at the Fraser River Lodge

The month of July has started well with good and consistent sturgeon fishing. Wilderness fishing is good, but we have to work for every fish - and it's worth it as you can see in the pictures.

It is now mid July and sturgeon fishing is good!

Reaching the final 10 days of the month with one slow day and we are back into fishing action!

Final few days of the month. Fantastic atmosphere at the lodge nearly sold out until November. Fishing is tough. We get fish on pretty much every day, but we have to work hard for it.

Last day of July ends with a big sturgeon and the announcement of a king salmon opening!

First fish of the day...   Just an incredible day on the water   Neil and our Father/Sons group with an 8 foot 11 inch sturgeon first thing in the morning. Great start!

Biggest sturgeon today   Smile of the day   Happy couple

One of several beauties in Jay's boat today   How about a double header for our Father and Son group?   Or this beautiful 7 footer to start off the day...

Fred and Nancy enjoying a BBQ shore lunch. A river runs through it - just for us.   One of Fred's fly caught wilderness bullie.   Family pic of the day. With greetings to Wisconsin.

Good fish day for Neil   With greetings to Scotland   Nice sturgeon!

The fish of his dreams   With greetings to South Carolina.

Picture of the day...   Another solid sturgeon   A first time for both guests from Victoria... Great day on the water.

Laurie with her first bull trout.   Sturgeon action aerial shot.   Mt. Cheam from the lodge deck

Jamie's first bull trout   One of several bullies for Simon   Fiiiish ooonnn!

Great catch in Jay's boat   Neil also had a fantastic day....   Trophy shot..

With greetings to Oklahoma   Smile of the day   And more greetings to Oklahoma

Canyon triple header for our guests from Oklahoma   Our guests from Oklahoma must have been wearing their "horseshoes". Great Action during the entire holiday!   Sturgeon heli fishing was certainly the highlight

The smile tells the story   Another river monster   With greetings to the UK

First wilderness sockeye salmon of the year!   With greetings to Alberta   Great day


No longer a bull trout virgin   You did it again this year   The perfect day

Hello drone..   Another incredible ultimate strugeon heli trip   Father and son quality time