August 2013 Fraser River Fishing Report

"At the end of August, here is one of 14 sturgeon landed today with our wedding/fishing party".

"Paul Ravenscroft from the UK with his first Whopper of the day".

"The boys from up North enjoying magnificent sturgeon fishing and hospitality".

"Melanie and Dennis from Colorado with a nice size canyon sturgeon".

"The Currie boys having a time of their life...".

"Al and Jo with their final sturgeon on their final fishing day before heading back towards the UK".

"Jackie and Brent with their biggest sturgeon of their trip - so far".

"Aug.19 and the 2nd sturgeon on the beach".

"A great finale after 2 days of sturgeon fishing... greetings to Luxembourg & Australia".

"The Quintana family from Argentina enjoying the magnificent Canyon along with great sturgeon fishing".

"Beautiful picture of father and son from Belgium enjoying quality family time in the magnificent Fraser Canyon"

"How to spell H-A-P-P-Y..." This picture was long overdue. Sorry for posting it late.

"Mykhailo and Volodymyr with one of their many nize size sturgeon landed during their fishing holiday".

August 04 and we are sold out over the weekend with full force out on the river. Here is the first pic of the day with a nice sturgeon just over 8 feet from nose  to the center of the fork over over 8.5 feet to the end of the tail.

"Our guide Neil with his 3rd big sturgeon of the day with our guest Neil Oakey and friends".

"Russ Ladd and family from Vancouver, BC with a nice sturgeon".

"Jim Newman from Alabama with his first sturgeon during his fishing holiday".

As I type this (Aug.01), a wildfire is raging through our remote wilderness valley. We are still out fishing every day, though. Here is a pic of the fire that started a few days ago and hopefully it will be contained soon.

"A fascinating, yet scary picture of our wilderness valley on fire".