May 2013 Fishing Report

The Fraser River has risen early due to lots of sunshine and the consequent run-off from the mountains, where melting glaciers drain into the Fraser River watershed on the nearly 1,000 mile length of the Fraser.
We are expecting good sturgeon fishing to continue all the way into late November to mid December.

"Al and Ann Maki from Wyoming on the first day of their fishing holiday with the first sturgeon landed".

"That is true love for sturgeon fishing".

"Nice whopper"

"Group picture with the "smallest" sturgeon during their fishing holiday".

Our next highlight fishery will be wilderness fishing for sea run bull trout. Those fish average 3 to 6 lbs. with many fish in the 8 to 10 lbs. range. We start with this in the month of June and fish the wilderness all the way into November. Here is an example of a typical wild bull trout fresh migrated from the ocean to spawn.

"Richard and Brandon from Alberta with another beauty on day 2 of their fishing holiday".

 "Amanda and Nick showing off one of their beauties they have landed today"

"This is just one of many sturgeon after an evening of gourmet dining and great friendship at the lodge":

"Sturgeon number 10 in between 2 boats half into the day for Sebastian and his friends".

"Our guide Dale with a beautiful sturgeon just before the river starts to rise".