March 2013 Report - Rain, Sturgeon, Sun and Fun...

The sturgeon season 2013 started for us in the exact style as we have ended 2012. With a nice whopper.
Tre and Margaret just left this morning back to Virginia and New York after a few days of wilderness jet boating, fly fishing, hiking and fun. Enjoy the pictures.  We will be uploading more pictures as the week continues.

"After a 45 minute battle amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Fraser Canyon".

"Wilderness fly fishing at it`s best - walking for miles throughout BC on a sunny day....".

".... crossing crystal clear rivers and streams".

"And here is our last day`s highlight ...".

"Great teamwork".

The month continued with Terry wanting her "boys" catching a sturgeon. Although the day started fairly slowly due to the chance in weather, we managed to land them each the biggest fish in their young lifes.

"Troy and Matt with Matt`s first sturgeon ever".

"Matt, Troy and  Cody with Cody`s first ever sturgeon in a nice family shot of father and sons".

"Troy and Cody".

"Mohammed with his first ever sturgeon".

"Reza continued with the next sturgeon".

"The highlight of the day - fighting a monster sturgeon of about 10 feet  for 1 hour, before the big fish broke off with the help of a sunken tree".

"Our 2nd sturgeon 8 feet or larger landed this month amongst several larger fish up to 10 feet lost".

"The end of March marked a successful start into the 2013 fishing season".