Private Yoga Classes

We are proud to offer private yoga classes by Elizabeth Mueller who has been a full time yoga teacher since 2000.

She has been offering classes, Yoga Seminars in ancient ruins, in Italy, Turkey and in locations throughout BC. She returns often to India to teach, continuing the Wheel of Yoga

Elizabeth has studied many different traditions of yoga. Her teachings reflect a blend of her experiences, like the precision of the Iyengar tradition, the flow of a Vinyasa Class and the deep realization of Ancient Kriya. You will experience the deep and opening breath and the peacefulness which comes from the breath of Pranayama, the quieting rest of the mind and spirit from time spent in meditation and in Savasana (deepened relaxation).

Upon finishing a Hatha/Kriya class you will be refreshed and vitalized, you will notice a softness in the joints which comes from a thorough yoga class. You will be relaxed and ready for the challenges of the day or a restful night sleep.

All classes are 60 minutes. Yoga props such as mats and blocks are provided.

Cost: 1-2 people $70 per person, group classes are $35 per person.