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 Salmon Fishing British Columbia

Salmon fishing in British Columbia - the magic sentence for any salmon fisherman. Wilderness Salmon Fishing season is from late July to October and local Salmon Fishing from September to November.

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Just over an hour drive from Vancouver, BC, we offer the best selection of salmon fishing packages. Whether you are an avid fly fisher or like to throw spoons, join us for a once in a lifetime fishing trip

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Escape for the day with one of our professional fishing Guides for a day trip to remember. Our guided day trip Fishing Charters include custom jet boats, all equipment, SIMMS waders, jackets and boots. You can add on a BBQ shore lunch .

Whether you want to get out on your own or book a fishing tournament or large group we have the Guides to get you hooked up!


BC Salmon Species

Chinook (King Salmon)

Chinook Salmon fishing in British Columbia, Canada is spectacular. The Chinook Salmon, also called the King or Spring, is the largest of the 5 salmon species, and can weigh in at over 60lbs. We fish for spring salmon in October on local rivers and tributaries.


Coho Salmon (Silvers)

The Coho, which migrate in our local rivers annually, can be caught with various angling methods. Famous for its clean, silver skin, it has earned the nickname "Silver Salmon". It is one of the most beautiful fish to catch. Coho Salmon can be caught as early as mid September until mid November. You will know you are hooked by the Coho roll.


Chum Salmon

The Chum, or Dog Salmon, is the most aggressive of all the salmon species. Simply, they attack everything. Chum Salmon can be caught from late September until mid November. We fish for Chum Salmon on 4 different local rivers on the fly, spinning method, float fishing or jig fishing depending on your preference and water conditions.


Pink Salmon (Humpies)

Odd Number years only: 2021, 2023…
Pink Salmon is probably the best fish, to get the novice hooked on sport fishing. The Pink Salmon show up in huge runs of up to 20 million fish every odd year. Bring your family and let them experience extraordinary salmon fishing. Pink salmon fishing offers us the most versatile options from fly fishing, spin and spoon fishing or bottom fishing. If you want to hit "prime time" for pinks, visit us from the 2nd week of September to the 4th week of September and experience one of those legendary salmon migrations of the world you normally only see on television. (Based on openings)


Sockeye Salmon (Reds)

The Fraser River has the largest Sockeye run in the world. The Sockeye, well known by gourmets for its deep red meat, is equally as appealing and challenging for the angler. 2022 projects a record run of sockeye salmon - the 3rd return of the ginormous 2010 run from August until mid September

. (Based on openings)

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