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Our Fishing Guides

Enjoy fishing with some of the best fishing guides in the industry today. Professional and Experienced.

Each of our fishing guides has a life time of fishing experience. Whether you you visit us for a day trip, stay at the lodge, or book one of our choice alternative accommodations, you always have the guarantee to be with one of the best.


Neil Warkentin

Fishing Guide

Neil has been with the Fraser River Lodge since 2012. Mr. Chill and always a smile on his face loves his big game fishing, namely our white sturgeon. He is a very consistent fishing guide and often requested by our guests. Besides being a family man and avid hunter, Neil works on his family farm and builds mini jet boats during the winter time and explores rivers that look like nobody has been there with a boat before him.


Dale Servatius

Fishing Guide

Dale has been with the Fraser River Lodge since 1999. He is a well rounded and educated fishing guide who grew up fishing around the famous Bull Trout rivers in the Kootenays. A perfectionist. His family name holds an IGFA world record on the fly. Dale is a well rounded sturgeon, salmon and trout fisherman. Besides being a fishing guide, he is an avid hunter. Dale is a real life school teacher who is big into local history with special knowledge in First Nations history.


Bryce Welti

Fishing Guide

Bryce has a growing passion for fishing starting at an early age. It has taken him to all corners of the world in pursuit of bucket list fish. Favourite destination is still right here in the Fraser Valley and is happy to call this home. Sharing his passion with you is what brings him great joy.


Mike Irvin

Fishing Guide

Mike has been with the Fraser River Lodge since 2017. He came highly recommended by our guide Neil and we are glad he choose to be on our team. Mike is a perfectionist who loves nothing more than chasing big sturgeon on the Fraser River. He has been a long time guide on some of the most famous West Coast Fishing Lodges. He is known for his dry humor and relaxed personality. He is a family man who loves hunting and fishing. During the winter time, Mike works as a builder/carpenter.


Terry Harbidge

Fishing Guide

Terry is our “newest” member on the guiding team since 2018 and came highly recommended. Terry grew up fishing the lakes around the famous Kamloops Trout . He is a well rounded sturgeon, salmon and trout guide with extensive knowledge of lake fishing. Terry lives 5 minutes from the lodge and loves the hunt for big sturgeon. Besides being a well rounded fishing guide, he is a hardwood lumber broker.


Kerry Krahn

Fishing Guide

Kerry learned the art of fishing from early childhood on from his grandfather and has been with the lodge since 2003. He is well rounded into any way of fishing we offer including ocean fishing. He is guiding most of our wilderness trips on various rivers along with all local rivers regardless of fish species or fishing methods. Kerry is known for being well rounded not only on the river, but also in life. Besides being a fishing guide, he is a golf pro, Chef, pastor, musician and family man.


Claudette Krahn

Fishing Manager

The fishing manager and wife of guide Kerry. She is a mother of 2, manager, good around computers and multi tasker. She has been with the Fraser River Lodge since 2001. Claudette is well rounded not only inside the office by being very organized along with extensive computer and food knowledge, but also outdoors. Her fishing knowledge and skills are close to a professional fishing guide. Claudette is the face on the phone with our fishing guests.


Frank Staiger

Fishing Guide - Owner and founder

Owner and founder of the Fraser River Lodge. Fulfilled his dream of coming to Canada in 1995. Started the company with not much more than hard work, enthusiasm, sweat and the full support of his lovely wife Anne. They have 4 boys. A well rounded fishing guide (still guides occasionally) and family man. Likes to describe him as a “simple man” and down to earth. He prides himself of growing up with nothing on his grandparents small farm while dreaming of Canada.

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